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The Science Behind PRP

PRP contains a highly concentrated solution of cells called platelets that are derived from one’s own blood. The platelets contain intracellular structures called granules which in turn contain a variety of specialized proteins called growth factors. These growth factors are released during the PRP administration process and up to seven days afterward according to recent studies. The localization and sustained release of high concentration of growth factors is responsible for the tissue regenerative and repairing effects of PRP and thus the desired clinical outcomes. In hair restoration the platelet-derived growth factors exert their effects in the dermal papillae, the skin structure that provides nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle. PRP is felt to stimulates inactive hair follicles within the dermal papilla causing them to revert to growth phase.

What are the growth factors and their effects? The schematic below summarizes the important growth factors involved in PRP and their desired effects.

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